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Gallery in Moscow, Russia

Gallery of Classical Photography
Savvinskyaya nab, 23, block B
The Gallery of Classical Photography in Moscow, Russia has
acquired Clyde’s photography for their new gallery. The gallery
exhibits only traditional film based photography:
Ansel Adams
Clyde Butcher
Jody Forster
Bob Kolbrener
Jeff Nixon
John Sexton
John Wimberly
This adventure with Clyde’s work is amazing to us…and
gives us hope for a future where we can all work toward
accepting each other and our differences. It seems like
only yesterday that I was being taught to “duck & cover”
in preparation for an A-bomb strike during the
cold war with Russia…and now, here we are with
Clyde’s images in a gallery in Moscow! Isn’t life
an amazing and mysterious journey?

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