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SATURDAY & SUNDAY – Labor Day Muck-About (Swamp Walk)

The joy of being with people who love nature and enjoy life filled our hearts during the Labor Day weekend swamp walks. This time of year the swamp is lush, green and filled with water. The environment is like walking back in time to the beginning of earth. There is a peace that fills my heart every time I enter the swamp. I’m glad so many others have that joy too!

John discussing the water flow for the Everglades and Big Cypress ecosystem.

Robbie found a lost soul/sole in the swamp

John discussing the ecosystem

John discussing the environment

Clyde with swamp guide, John Kalafarski,

Lunch under the chickee

Swamp guide Bob with his fiance Lynn


Pond Apple
(or swamp apple)

Rick explaining the importance
of Periphyton to the ecosystem

A brave swamp walker holding
Pariphyton in her hand!
Born tobe a biologist?

Rick discussing the ecosystem

Rick pointing out an orchid

Tree Huggers

Thanks to you all for coming to the Muck-About! If you discovered that Florida has a hidden beauty that few people know about, share the discovery with others. Let them understand that our state is a special place and needs to be protected.
Niki, Clyde, Rick Cruz and Leslie

2 thoughts on “SATURDAY & SUNDAY – Labor Day Muck-About (Swamp Walk)

  1. I could feel the love you have for nature. Do you worry about what lurks in the swamp? You all must be brave. I found this blog because I was given a print that was hand painted byt Nikki. "Lady in Red" I think it is a garden botanical garden. Any way I love it and wanted another because folks love it so much they want it. Whew! I am so glad I found your blog… No way hands off Family. You have to get your own. Thank you for sharing your talent.

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