Photography Trips

#9. Artist in Residence – Conservation Foundation of the Gulf Coast – Longino Ranch

Another rainy morning.
We debated whether to photographing, but this
morning we had the opportunity to enjoy
the company of both Robin – Director
of Programs and Albert Joerger –
Founder & President of the Foundation.
They are both so much fun and inspirational
to be around, we just couldn’t miss this day
even if we didn’t get a photo!

Rain, rain…
This is our last day for photography and
we’d really like a sunny day with nice
billowing clouds. Albert says, “No fear,
I’m here. By the time we reach the Longino
Ranch it will be sunny & bright!” …and
it was!

Laura, from the Longino Ranch, showing
Albert, Robin & Clyde a map of the ranch.

AT LAST the rain has stopped and left behind
sunshine and a sky filled with wonderful clouds!
And so, we went in search of an entirely different
kind of photography than we have been doing
for the past two weeks.
As the sun came out the humidity and heat
increased, which made us glad that so much of
our photography while Artist in Resident was
in the cool of the rain!
We were fortunate to have both overcast rainy days
for photographing in the hammocks and at least
one bright sunny day for broad vista photography.

Clyde and Albert

Albert under the dark cloth checking out the
image, while Clyde gets ready to show him
the dramatic difference an orange filter
can make to a scene.

Albert and Clyde discussing possible
photographic opportunities

While Clyde & Albert considered possible
photographs, I took a hike and explored
for more possibilities.


Albert helping Clyde with the darkcloth

Photographing the pine lands on the ranch

Elephants Foot

Albert just received a call letting him know
the money for saving the 190 acres on
Pine Island came through and the deal
has closed! What a great feeling to be
a part of saving such a large tract of land!

Clyde, Robin and Albert jump for joy!
We arrived, once again, safely back to
the Conservation Foundation thanks to
the great driving of Robin. She has been such
a good sport driving us into areas where
only a 4-wheel vehicle will make it.
Thanks Robin!

The Board of Directors and the employees &
families joined in celebrating the success of
saving the 190 acres on Pine Island. It was a
wonderful experience to enjoy this time
with such a great group of people.

Our last night in “home sweet Carriage House home…”

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