Photography Trips

#8. Artist in Residence – Conservation Foundation of the Gulf Coast – Sarasota Crew

We woke up to thunder and lightening that faded
away and left behind the constant drumming of rain.
Well, it was more of a mist than a rain.
While we were Artists in Residence, the Sarasota
Crew was having their summer camp. It was fun
to watch them every morning get their boats
ready and head out into the bay. I love sculling…
it’s a beautiful thing to watch.
Due to the rain, we couldn’t go out and photograph
so I got to spend some time photograph the summer
camp. FUN! After the thunder and lightening passed
the Crew gathered the kids around and had
a unanimous agreement that rain couldn’t stop them
from sculling! The kids were really having fun sculling
in the rain. It’s wonderful that the Bay Preserve is
allowing the Sarasota Crew to use one of their
buildings for their club activities and a place to
store their boats. It was a joy to watch.
For more information on the Sarasota Crew:

The rain just kept coming, so we spent the
time reading and relaxing…and enjoyed
watching the Sarasota Crew summer
camp kids play in the rain. They had a ball!

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