Photography Trips

#7. Artist in Residence – Conservation Foundation of the Gulf Coast – Pine Island

The Conservation Foundation of the Gulf Coast,
Lee County, and High Point Land Improvement
Corporation, worked together to save 190 acres
of land on Pine Island. As we spent the day
out photographing the land we learned that there
were two days left to raise the $115,000 to
complete the contract to save the land. The
Conservation Foundation was working hard to come
up with the remainder and we offered to help by
asking all of you to join with us to save this wonderful
piece of property. Thanks to you the Conservation
Foundation met it’s goal and the property was
saved! Thank you so much!

Lee showing map of property to
Robin and Clyde

Clyde with Robin, Director of Programs,
Lee of the Conservation Foundation

As the rain came down in bucketfuls
we sat in the car and waited…

As the storm passed, and just sprinkles
remained, Clyde took an opportunity
to take a photograph.

The rain drops look like someone
sprinkled diamonds on this plant.
The rain makes it difficult to
photograph, but the beauty of
the light is wonderful!

Lee holding umbrella as the rain
continues to fall

The rain stopped for a moment so
Clyde was able to take a photo
without worrying about the
movement of rain drops hitting
the plants.

Robin and Lee found a tiny flower
with an albino spider on it! None
of us had ever seen an albino
spider, so we were thrilled!

If you look closely you’ll see an
albino spider on the flower.

Andrew, the photographer from the Ft. Myers
News Press, met us to take photographs for
a story the News Press was doing to help
highlight the urgent need for the last few
dollars to help save this wonderful piece
of property.

…and then, just as Clyde found a nice place
to take a photo, it began raining harder

It was raining so hard that Clyde had no
where to set down his backpack,
so Lee put it on his back and Clyde worked
out of the back pack there to set up his
camera, etc.

…neither rain, sleet, snow or bombs can keep
a journalist photographer from catching the image
he wants! Andrew was soaking wet by the time
he was finished!

As a violent thunderstorm barreled down on us
we headed for home through the field of tall
grass. It was a fun day even though it rained
for the majority of the day…again…but a
little rain never has stopped Clyde. It is the
lightening that stops him.

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