Photography Trips

#6. Artist in Residence – Conservation Foundation of the Gulf Coast – Flo

Our day at the Carriage House began with a
wonderful visit by Flo and her assistant, Diane.
Flo created the opportunity to fix up the
Carriage House and establish the Artist in
Residence program for the Conservation
Foundation of the Gulf Coast. Flo has an artistic
background and understands the association between
artistic expression and the environment. It is
wonderful that she had the vision to be
so generous in supporting the arts.

Flo and Albert checking out Clyde’s
film changing tent

Clyde telling stories

Albert Joerger, Founder and President of
the Conservation Foundation of the Gulf
Coast, with Flo — two very giving
people. It’s a joy to have them in our life.

It was great to meet Flo. She is an inspiration!
It would be a wonderful world if we all could
be so kind and generous hearted.

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