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#5. Artist in Residence – Conservation Foundation – Walton Ranch

Our trip to the Walton Ranch with Sean – Director
of Land Protection & Robin – Director of Programs,
from the Conservation Foundation of the Gulf
Coast was a day filled with great photographic
opportunities…we just had to be prepared to
photograph in the rain!
As we drove into the ranch we ran into Chris
who is a land manager from Sarasota County.
Chris showed us a map of the ranch and pointed
out areas he thought might be of photographic
interest to us. Due to the struggle of trying
to photograph in the rain we didn’t get to
see much of the ranch…but what we did see was
beautiful. Would love to go back and do more

Sean and Clyde

Clyde with Robin holding umbrella
to protect the camera from the rain.

Fourpetal St. John’s Wort

We found a beautiful palm hammock, so we stopped
and everyone got out and followed Clyde.
Before he took the camera gear into the hammock
he wanted to make sure it was photographable.
Palm hammocks look wonderful from the outside,
but when they are dense and have little sunlight,
the inside has no ground cover…just fallen palm fronds.
It means a good foreground hard to find.
However, this one had decent light and so after walking
around for a bit, Clyde returned to the car
and grabbed his gear.

Clyde setting up his camera

Sean, Clyde, Robin

Robin holding the umbrella
over the camera to keep
off the rain.

Since Clyde had all kinds of help
I took a short hike. I have always
wanted to see what the inside of
a palm hammock was like…truly
a beautiful place! I felt like I was
in some other country!

In the distance Robin is holding an
umbrella over the camera as the
rain comes down.
We left the hammock and found another
spot at an oak hammock. The rain let up
for a brief moment and we were able
to do some more photography.

Clyde showing Robin how the
light meter works.

Sean protecting the camera from the rain

An umbrella for the camera and
an umbrella for Clyde!
Rain rain….

Trying to capture one more photo
and then the heavens opened up
and it was time to leave…

The rain just didn’t seem to want
to stop, so we packed up the car
and headed home.
What a wonderful adventure searching
for photographic opportunities on such
a beautiful ranch! It was a great day and
even though we had lots of rain, the light
was perfect.

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