Photography Trips

#4. Artist in Residence – Conservation Foundation – Manatee River

Our trip this afternoon was with Sean –
Director of Land Protection for the
Conservation Foundation. He was our guide
while visiting Lee and Carol Ann who
have set aside their property along the
Manatee River for preservation. Their
generosity and positive attitude toward life
and the future is a blessing to us all!
Sean took us out to the local hot spot, Linger
Lodge, along the Braden River. Linger Lodge is
an old Florida funky restaurant…great food
and LOTS of stuffed animals.

Sean and Clyde in front of gator at
Linger Lodge

Clyde tickling the foot that is
hanging out of the gator’s mouth.

Sean carrying Clyde’s camera gear.
It’s great to have a young back
around to help with the load!

Sean handing Clyde the orange filter

Sean handing Clyde his film

Carol Ann under the dark cloth checking
out the image the Clyde is taking.

Lee getting his turn under the dark cloth

Sean getting his turn under the dark cloth

Sean, Clyde, Carol Ann and Lee
We had a beautiful morning spending
time with two great people.

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