Photography Trips

#3. Artist in Residence – Conservation Foundation Gulf Coast – another morning at Casey Key

Clyde was peacefully
drinking his morning cup of
tea when I woke up and saw a
beautiful big thunderhead over
Casey Key. I jumped out of bed,
we grabbed our camera gear and a
bagel then headed for the beach.

Another beautiful morning storm
at Casey Key…and, once again, just
when we thought the day was done
another rainbow showed it’s
beautiful face!

As the storm covered up the sun
we got perfect even light for
photographing the conservation
area that the Foundation has

walk to the beach through the
conservation area

on the way to the beach…

Whitemouth Dayflower

It’s difficult to see in this photo,
but Clyde is photographing another

We couldn’t believe our good fortune…
another rainbow! Amazing!

Railroad Vine

We spent the afternoon resting and
recuperating from the heat. Clyde also
loaded more film in his changing tent.
It was another beautiful day with many
wonderful photography opportunities…

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