Photography Trips

#2. Artist in Residence – Conservation Foundation of the Gulf Coast – Siesta Key, Casey Key & Myakka State Park

The boardwalk down to the beach
at Casey Key

We got to Casey Key just as a
morning storm came rolling in.
Lots of dramatic light and clouds,
then it covered the sun and then
just when we thought the whole
event was over a rainbow came out!
I was so glad we got there in
time to capture it!

Clyde photographing the morning
storm rolling in off the Gulf.
View Clyde’s Black and White here!

When I saw the rainbow I dashed
down to the beach, not even thinking
I might be in Clyde’s photo! I just
wanted to capture this beautiful
moment with my camera.
Fortunately, later Clyde told me
I wasn’t in his picture…whew!

We spent the afternoon at Siesta Key on
property the Conservation Foundation
saved. It is the nesting place of the Snowy
Plover…a tiny, cute little bird that
nests on the ground.

Sea Grape bush

Spending the day on both Siesta Key
and Casey Key was absolutely
wonderful! Oh how fortunate we
are to be out in the world enjoying
it’s beauty!

The next day we got up before the
sun came up and drove out to
Myakka State Park.
Clyde wanted even light, so
he needed the sun to be at just
the right point (dawn before it
comes over the horizon). We
arrived at Myakka to a pretty

It was so dark when I took this image
of Clyde that I’m amazed it came out!

The minute the sun came up it
was like someone turned on a
sauna…it was hot and humid to
the max! It was enough to convince
us to head home…AND the light
was now splotchy, so photography
was done at Myakka for the day…

We purchased a ‘baby carriage’ for
our bikes so we can take camera gear
along with us when we bike, or use it
as a camera carriage when we are hiking
over simple trails. It came in real handy
at Myakka.

Came “home” after Myakka and collapsed
with a good book. The heat really got to
both of us, but it was a beautiful morning!

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