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Winter Swamp Walk 2011

The weather for our Winter Swamp Walk was
PERFECT! It was a great weekend to be
outdoors…and a pleasure to share our
outdoors with everyone!

Clyde signing books

Jonnie introducing the South Florida
environment to her group

Heading into the swamp

Jonnie discussing the ecosystem
with her group

Jonnie explaining the ecosystem

ahhhh….the joy of mud…

Jonnie heading into the depths of the
swamp with her group

Looking up

looking down…reflections

Jonnie leading a group through the swamp

Dinghy Orchid

Jackie using the iPad to help a customer
with a broader choice of images

Clyde enjoying conversations

Niki giving a demonstration on how
to hand paint a photograph with
oil paint

Checking out Niki’s hand painted b&w
photography in the gallery

Jeff Ripple’s photography hanging
in the gallery

Brian Call and Rick Cruz photography
hanging in the gallery

Robbie took care of the campfire
to keep things cozy

enjoying a picnic lunch after the
swamp walk

Jeff using the fish tank to help explain
the ecosystem

Jeff using the satellite map to help
explain the ecosystem of South Florida

A swamp walk group gathering by the
back pond…and noticing an anhinga in
the trees

baby alligator in the back pond

Jeff explaining the ecosystem


Jeff leading a group

Jeff leading a group into the depths

The discovery of that rare and
special “sole of the swamp”…
rarely seen attached to trees…

Jeff pointing out a Barred Owl

Barred Owl

Some areas of the swamp begin to dry
up in the winter, which means you can
find all kinds of footprints in the mud.
It’s fun to try and identify them.

Norm explaining the ecosystem

Norm leading a group through the swamp

Brian leading a group through the ‘bush’

Kayla making her way through the bush…

a feather floating in the water

making their way through the swamp

Ma ‘gators young’n laying in the sun.

Wild Iris…always beautiful this
time of year…

Muddy feet

Clean feet and shoes

Every year we get a pile of tennis shoes
that we clean and donate.

Clyde visiting with folks in the gallery

Robbie reading as the campfire
dwindles and the day comes to
an end.

Clyde sharing his pinhole camera with
Neal, Robbie and Paul

After Jeff’s last swamp walk he set
up his easel and began painting.

As the day came to an end and most folks
had left the property our male gator decided
it was time to have a romantic get
together with the female in the back pond.
He began his walk down our road…much
to the dismay of the people caught in the
back of the property. The ‘gator was hesitant
to move forward toward the people
and the people were hesitant to move forward
toward the ‘gator. It was a stalemate!
Finally, Don & Neal arrived with very long
“gator sticks” and gently encouraged
him to take another route. They managed
to get him off the road for a short spell, but
since it is easier to walk on the road than
through the ‘bush’, he made his way back to
the road and continued on his way.
In the meantime, the swamp walkers managed
to leave the property…

Stopping to rest…there were many
stops to rest as he made his way
to the back pond.

Short-cutting through the area
where our winter employees
park their campers.

Neal with his “gator stick”…
making sure the people stay
away from him and he stays
away from people…

Making his way down the road

The trip from the front pond
to the back pond took a very
long time. He carries a lot
of weight, which means he
has to stop and rest a lot.

Walking past our satellite image
of south Florida…the ancient and
the new…

He FINALLY made it to the
back pond

The female ‘gator feels his presence
and lifts her head in expectation

…and then they join together in the
safety of the back pond for a romantic
evening together….
We would like to thank our wonderful
Swamp Walk Guides for their
help in sharing the beauty of the
Florida environment with everyone
who came to the swamp walk.





Kayla & Cody


A big THANKS goes to everyone
who made the swamp walk so
much fun!

One thought on “Winter Swamp Walk 2011

  1. This was such a treat!! Like I was almost there :)…well, almost. I could almost feel the perfect temps/humidity/warmth as I read and looked at the photos. Love to see Mr. Big making his way around the place like he owns it…he's just reminding everyone who is really in charge. ha! Thank you for documenting the swamp walk. It is a gift to all of us who could not be there. Lots of love- Natalie

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