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Rookery Bay Annual Juried Photography Exhibit


Rookery Bay is an outstanding environmental
center dealing with the aquatic preserves of
Florida. They are located in Naples and have
many wonderful opportunities for the folks
in the community to get to know the
environment in which they live.
We are proud to join with them, and the
United Art Council of Collier County,
every year to present a juried exhibit of
photographs that represent the beauty
of the flora and fauna of our state.

The best piece of sculpture of alligators
we have ever seen is in front of the
Rookery Bay center.

Years ago Clyde had made a poster for
Rookery Bay…they still have a few around.
Here, Clyde is signing one for one of
the employees of Rookery Bay

A wonderful crowd came to see the exhibit.
It was great to see such a powerful interest
in the photography of Florida’s environment!

Bruce Robertson, President of Friends
of Rookery Bay and Elaine Hamilton,
Executive Director of United Arts
Council of Collier County

Clyde giving out awards

A special award of $250 was given
to Kayla for her photographic entries

Clyde with Kayla

Marc Damon (with beautiful daughter) 3rd place – $500
Laurie Meehan 1st place – $1500
Chad Anderson 2nd place – $1000

Clyde with all the award winners
It was a wonderful exhibit of dynamic photography.
Can’t wait to see what wonderful images Clyde
will be given to chose from for next years event!

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