Clyde’s 50th High School Reunion


Clyde in his football uniform
Clyde’s 50th High School Reunion
was taking place in October, so
we decided to come early to
California so we could attend
this important event. It was fortunate
we were able to combine Joshua Tree
National Park, the 50th Reunion,
Yosemite and Annenberg Space for
Photography all in one trip!

We had a great time at Joshua Tree
National Park (see previous post)
and in the late afternoon
headed toward Beaumont.

We came across hundreds of
windmills as we entered the
Pass that leads to Beaumont

Heading into the Pass that leads
to Beaumont
It looks like smog, but mostly it’s
low clouds that are back lit with
the light of the sunset.

After Clyde & I got married, Clyde’s
folks moved to Cabazon. There was
nothing there except for these
dinosaurs. We were glad to see this
strange way-side attraction was
still live and well!

Niki in the mouth of a dinosaur

Mobile home park in Beaumont
where Clyde lived.
He planted all of the trees. It was
heartfelt to see how the trees
have grown strong and green.

Trailer Park where Clyde lived with
his parents while in high school

Niki with Clyde’s mom, Edna Earl,
in their mom & pop grocery store
around 1968

Clyde giving America the Beautiful
to Principle Marilyn Sambrono for
the high school library

The high school year book
students interviewing and
photographing Clyde

High School Principle, Marilyn Sambrono
(dressed in school colors for the football
game that evening) and Lee Hackney,
District Director of Libraries and Technology
looking at one of Clyde’s books

We enjoyed watching the football
game between the bitter rivals:
Beaumont High and Banning High

Dedicated Beaumont High
football fans!

Us old timers at the football
game against the rival high school
of Banning

The many students from different
generations joined together to
dedicate the science wing of the
new high school to a science teacher
that did so much for each of them…
Mr. Jack Lamb

Clyde talking about how Jack Lamb
influenced his life

After the dedication to Jack Lamb
we all joined together for some
cake, coffee and memories

The Beaumont Library is located
in a beautiful historic building

Claire de Felice, Librarian of the
Beaumont Library
Clyde donated his
America the Beautiful
book to the library

Decorating the dinning room the day
before the event


Rosalind did all the work putting
together the historical images
for everyone to enjoy

Classmates finding themselves in
their high school graduation

Looking at all the old photos of
everyone from kindergarten to
high school


Clyde with his two high school buddies – Bill and Dean

Class of 1960 at their first reunion

It was a fun event and a pleasure for me
to meet so many of Clyde’s classmates. We
both had a great time!

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