Photography Trips

Joshua Tree National Park

On our way to Clyde’s 50th High School
reunion in Beaumont, California we
spent a couple of days at Joshua Tree
National Monument. We were very glad
we took the time. Joshua Tree is truly a
remarkable place. I’m so glad our forefathers
saw the unique beauty and saved it for us to see!
As I catch up on our blogs (it is now 2011
and this took place in the fall of 2010),
I am not able to post his b&w images yet. He
has developed the film, but hasn’t had time to
print anything. When he does, I’ll post those
and let you know.

Heading into the park with the weird
shaped Joshua Trees surrounding us.

Our first stop was at the Cholla cactus.
The light was perfect and everywhere we
turned it seemed there was another photo!

The view looking out over the Cholla
cactus seemed to go on forever. Beautiful!

Clyde photographing the Cholla cactus

The early morning light on the
Cholla cactus was beautiful

Clyde heading out toward the
unreal landscape of Joshua Tree.
The shapes and forms provided us with
unlimited photographic opportunities.
GREAT place for photographers!

Our first stop among the wonderful
abstract shapes and forms of the landscape.

Clyde and me with our equipment

Clyde checking out how the orange
filter will work on the scene.

Hiking past a Joshua Tree toward those
wonderful soft looking round boulders.

So many fall flowers in bloom!

I think this is a stink bug. It’s the only
critter we saw while photographing.


Great shapes…

Fall colors covered the desert

A pink and turquoise cactus.

It seemed that everywhere we
looked there were wonderful
shapes to photograph.

Off in the distance, we saw this large tree.
It reminded us of the trees back home so
we were drawn to it. Felt good to be in
the cool shade of something green.

The simple shapes and muted hues
contrasted beautifully with the flowers
and textures of the plants

It was a bit windy…Clyde often had to wait
quite a while for the gusts of wind to calm
down before he could take a photo

Yucca bloom

Seed pods of the Yucca

It was great to enjoy a uniquely different
landscape than the jungles of South Florida.
Joshua Tree is a lot like living in a Dr. Suess book!

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