Ft Lauderdale Museum of Discovery & Science – Ft Lauderdale

Clyde with museum sign

Lynn Sage in the IMAX projection
room of the museum.
The first thing we did was to check
out how Clyde’s Keynote was going
to work in the IMAX theater.

My “still life” inside the IMAX
projection room

View from our hotel balcony.
Sunset over Ft Lauderdale.
The following morning we joined the staff for
a morning of activities with various schools.

The BEACON group
We were honored to be a part of
BEACON. They filmed Clyde for
a computer generated live
interactive program for the school
children of Broward County.
Clyde was able to answer questions
from several schools at the same time,
as well as share his thoughts. It’s a
great program that allows all children
to go on “field trips” even when the
school can’t afford it! FANTASTIC!

Joy (from BEACON) and Clyde

Explaining to Clyde how BEACON works.

BEACON filming Clyde

After the BEACON program was over another
group of kids came to the museum and
Clyde discussed photography with them.

Jody with Clyde

After lunch two more school classes
came to the museum and Clyde again discussed
photograph and answered questions.

After the talk and question & answer
session, the kids enjoyed Clyde’s
photography while working on
a school project.

Clyde speaking with visitors to the museum

Clyde with Marlene Janetos with Clyde

Clyde signing books

The book table

The long, long line of folks waiting
for Clyde to sign his books.

Clyde signing books

Clyde being interviewed by WRLN

Jackie being interviewed by WRLN

Interview by WXEL

The exhibit was amazing! So many people came
to enjoy Clyde’s work and hear him talk. It’s
wonderful to know that so many people
love Florida and care about its environment.

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