A new chapter in our lives

We are entering upon another personal
adventure in our lives…
As our trip around the sun grows shorter, we
have begun planning for our old age and are
moving closer to family (and the darkroom) in
Venice, Florida. Of course the Big Cypress
Gallery is still in our hearts and will remain so.
Everything Clyde does he does with a KABOOM!…
and this project is no exception!
We are building a home in Venice at Harbor Lights
Mobile Home Park. We’ve owned the property
for many years, but until this year the ability to
put a two story modular home in a mobile home
park on the water had not been possible. This year
Harbor Lights will become the first mobile
home park on the water in Sarasota County to
allow a residence to build a modular home
and also elevate it to 13 feet or more, which
allows us to qualify for FEMA insurance.
With the creation of this first modular home
built above flood level, a precedent has been
set for other mobile home parks to follow.
Now a person can purchase an older mobile
home and replace it with a hurricane safe
structure at the height required by FEMA.
This new law will change the future of
mobile home parks.
Our home is strapped around the sides and also
down the middle. It has hurricane proof windows,
a white reflective metal roof, and solar panels.
Because we own one of the smallest lots on the
water in Harbor Lights, our home is 940 sq feet.
The small amount of footage will mean our
energy impact will be minor. We are two stories
with a ‘break-away’ garage.
The house is a mile from our Venice Gallery & Studio,
less than a mile from downtown Venice, the Art
Center; Library, Theatre, good food & shops. It
is also less than a mile from Rails to Trails bike
route from Venice Beach to Sarasota. And, since
we love the water, our house is on the water
with about a mile distance from the Gulf. But,
best of all…we are close to the grandkids!
Lots to look forward to in this new chapter of life!

Old mobile home

Our old home travels down the road to
supply someone new with a home.

There was a lot of trash involved in the removal,
however it was good to know that the mobile
home was saved intact and will be used by someone.



Delivery of the first half of the house

This was “THE” big summer event at
Harbor Lights and everyone turned out!

First half of house is put onto pilings

First half in place…

Now comes the other half…

Clyde with Jacobsen Homes and LeeCorp Homes.
This project would never have happened
without the hard work of LeeCorp Homes. They
were a great group of folks to work with.

After the “house raising” the folks at
Harbor Lights gave a reception in the
club house. We were able to meet so
many wonderful people who live here.

We left town for the trip out west and
returned to our finished home. All we had
to do was move in…easier said than done.
Needless to say, moving a life time worth
of “stuff” into a 940 sq foot home
is a challenge. However, as we turn the
page into this new chapter of our life,
it felt good to reduce our “stuff” and
simplify our life.

Looking out over Roberts Bay.
A great view complete with beautiful sunsets!

A new home, a new chapter and a joyful life….

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