Labor Day Swamp Walks 2010

Another wonderful Labor Day weekend holiday
in the swamp! We enjoyed the company of
everyone who came to experience the nature
of Florida in a way that is only possible in a
swamp walk.
Can’t wait for the winter walk
when we can share this special place
with you all again!

Clyde signing books

Niki gave demonstrations on how to
hand-paint a black and white photograph
using oil paint, Q-tips and cotton balls.

Clyde signing books and note cards
for some young admirers

Jackie putting color coded bracelet
onto customers arm. The bracelet
lets him know which walk he is
going to go on.

Swamp walk guide, Johnnie, explaining
the ecosystem of South Florida before
going out into the swamp.

We’d like to thank Kayla and Cody
for taking all of the swamp walk
photos and also for helping the guides
with the swamp walks. Good Work!

Into the muck

Into the swamp

The watery path

Cody holding up a bunch of bladder wort
Most folks are amazed that we have no
mosquitoes in the depth of summer and this
plant is one of the reasons.
Bladder Wort eats mosquito larvae.

Swamp guide, Mike Owen, explaining
the periphyton and it’s importance to
the environment of South Florida. It is
like a sponge. When our environment
dries down the periphyton holds water
so that tadpoles, fish eggs, etc can still
survive. It also cleans the water.

Everyone checking out the periphyton

taking a photo of the periphyton

cypress knee

Swamp guide, Rick Cruz, with group

Rick explaining the bladder wort
plant and how it eats mosquito larvae

The peace, beauty and primeval feeling
of the swamp in summer is one of our
favorite memories.

For those of you who aren’t quite ready
to head out into the swamp, we have a
short dry path behind our gallery that
is a pleasure to walk.

Gallery path

Gallery path

During the summer months our gallery
path is green and lush with growth.
It was a wonderful holiday. Sharing it
with so many great folks makes it even
better! Looking forward to our winter
swamp walk!

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