Kissimmee River Basin – The Northern Everglades: Kissimmee River with SFWMD Second Day

This year Clyde & Elam Stoltzfus are putting
together a PBS program on the Kissimmee
River Basin – The Northern Everglades.
To keep track of their progress check out:

Elam & Clyde getting their equipment together
for an early morning shoot.

I took this out the window of our
car as we drove toward the launch area.

Getting everything together as fast
as we can so that Elam can capture
the sunrise.

Just as we get the boats out into
the water the sun starts peeking
out from the horizon for the start
of a new day.

Elam filming sunrise

Bill on the ladder with Lawrence
holding it

Brent on the ladder with Lawrence
holding it for him

Elam and Lawrence discussing plans
for the day…I got my turn on the
ladder too!

Elam on the top of the bluff. Behind him
are our two air boats, with Brent photographing
me photographing Elam…

Lawrence, Bill and Elam
Elam filming

Kissimmee River – restored

Brent said he’d take us to one of his
“secret” spots and so we meandered
through a maze of flood plains and
bushy watery cuts and flocks
of birds and ended up at
Oak Creek Marsh Tupelo…and yes,
it is a beautiful secret spot!

Flock of Ibis

White Heron

Brent said he’d take us to one of his
“secret” spots … and it will remain secret
because there is no way we could ever
find it again through the maze of

Clyde photographing the early morning light
at Oak Creek Marsh Tupelo. The sweet
smell of Tupelo filled the air…wonderful!

Oak Creek Marsh Tupelo 1

This was an incredible plant! It held water longer
than anything else around it. As a large image, every
water drop is visible and on the very top is one
large drop of water sitting in a bowl of leaves.

Kissimmee River – restored

Lawrence, Bill and Elam zoom by us
across glassy smooth waters.

Brent helping Clyde

Brent and Clyde

Loftin Run 4

Brent checking out an old turtle shell

Kissimmee River – restored

Pickerel Weed is a symptom of a
healthy environment. It was good
to see it developing in nice small
clumps throughout the flood plain.

Pickerel Weed

Pickerel Weed

Duck Weed ranges from red to yellow
creating a wonderful palette of colors
stretching across the marsh.
Duck Weed is a symptom of a healthy
environment, so it was good to see
it flourishing in the marshes of
the Kissimmee Flood Plain.

This is what duck weed looks like up close

We came around the corner and came upon
Elam taking a time lapse. We didn’t get any
closer than this because the air boat might
move the water and disturb his camera.
However, our lunch was in Lawrence’s
air boat! So we sat there waiting and waiting
for the exposure to be finished…until

Lawrence took pity on us and
brought our lunch over

Lawrence, Niki & Clyde
At last, lunch time!
Talked about going back to Oak Creek
Marsh together for Elam to do some

Black Necked Stilt

Into the flood plain

Blue Heron

Bill Graft with that “Swamp Glo”….

Clyde & Niki carrying equipment into swamp
We returned to Oak Creek Marsh Tupeo because
Clyde wanted Elam to see it, and also because
Clyde had already photographed it. Clyde thought
Elam might be able to use some footage of Clyde
taking the picture to go along with the b&w image.

Elam filming Clyde & Niki

Elam filming Clyde

Lawrence and Clyde

Brent and Clyde

Clyde, Bill, Brent, Lawrence and Elam
Spending two days with Bill, Brent & Lawrence
learning about the restoration of the Kissimmee
and air boating through the wilderness of the
river has been the highlight of our summer. I agree
with Elam when, after the day was over, he said
“I feel enriched.”
photos by:
Niki Butcher
Elam Stoltzfus – www.liveoakproductiongroup.com
Brent Anderson – www.banature.com

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