Kissimmee Basin – The Northern Everglades: Reedy Creek

Clyde & Elam
This year Elam & Clyde are putting together
a PBS program on the Kissimmee River Basin –
The Northern Everglades.
To keep track of their progress check out:
The restoration of this area is one of the great
river restoration success stories in the world,
and yet few Americans have any idea of the
accomplishments that have been made here.
Most folks also don’t know that the headwaters
of the Everglades begin in Reedy Creek, which
is located in Disney World. As the creek flows
south it contributes to the lakes and other rivers
that make up the Kissimmee River. The Kissimmee
River flows into Lake Okeechobee and that lake
flows into the Everglades.
If the water north, beginning with Reedy Creek
is dirty, then the Everglades will suffer.
The restoration of the Kissimmee River
Basin is the one of the major steps in helping
to save the Everglades.

Clyde, Maggie, Tyke,
Richard, Buzz and the Howells
Last year we had such a wonderful time
at Lake Kissimmee that when we arrived
this year we decided to touch base with
some of the folks who made our trip
last year such a memorable experience.
It was good to see everyone again!

Elam, Clyde & Buzz Busby
Last summer Buzz took us all over Lake
Hitchineha and into Dead Creek and
London Creek in search of photography.
He did a great job and we always enjoyed
his company, It was wonderful to see
him again this year and I ‘m glad he was
so spontaneous to our request to take
us out again. THANKS BUZZ, it was a
great trip!

Along the edge of Lake Hatchineha

Into Dead Creek
We decided to take the short cut through Dead
Creek and into Reedy Creek

Coming out of Dead Creek
Reedy Creek to the left, where it goes north
and to the right were it eventually ends up
in Lake Cypress on its way to the Everglades.

Into Reedy Creek

The creek gets narrower…

As the creek gets narrower and narrower…

Clyde photographing
(he wasn’t pleased with this shot, so the b&w isn’t here)


Buzz, Clyde & Elam

Clyde & Elam

Buzz pulling the air boat down Reedy Creek.
When we came into the narrows of the creek
the air boat kept hitting either logs or
the bank, which caused the air boat to
tip precariously. When we decided to leave
Reedy Creek, Buzz felt better about
walking the boat through that
narrow area…after all there was a LOT
of expensive camera gear on the boat
and he didn’t want anything to happen to it.

Buzz working at getting the
air boat around a very narrow
area of the creek.

Elam giving a hand
Sitting there watching Buzz and Elam
get the air boat through the narrows
of Reedy Creek, I felt like the Queen
of Egypt riding down the Nile while
looking down at my slaves!

After all that hard work of pushing
and shoving the boat, Buzz was ready
for a dip in some nice cool water!

Elam filming Clyde

Clyde photographing the scene. This image
seemed to take forever…either it was too windy,
causing the Spanish moss to sway and blur for
the exposure, or a cloud covered up the sun,
casting a shadow on the tree, which would make
the image flat and the tree would loose the shapes
of its texture.
Back and forth all afternoon the sun would shine
but it would be windy. Or it would be still and
the sun wouldn’t shine. I think we spent about three
hours waiting for Clyde to capture that moment
when the light and stillness would come together.
Ahhhhh…but what a wonderful place to sit and wait!

As we sat around waiting for nature
to cooperate, there were many
interesting discussions.

As the storm approached it started to sprinkle,
so Clyde covered the camera. We were sure we
were going to get drenched. We could hear thunder
and lightening all around us, along with good puffs
of strong wind. BUT, it missed us! Amazing…

Beautiful weed…well, I’m sure a biologist
would give it the correct name and I’m
SURE it isn’t “weed”!
As we sat and waited for the wind to stop,
and the light to be right I hiked around and
explored the creek.

Along the bank of the river were
wild Red Hibiscus…beautiful…

Elam filming Clyde

Reedy Creek exit 1
Clyde calls this ‘exit’ because this is
where the creek ends and finds it’s
home in Cypress Lake

Elam filming some of the biggest cypress
knees I’ve ever seen!

Elam setting up a time exposure

It was a VERY hot day, so Clyde
is taking advantage of the cool
waters of Reedy Creek.

More of my explorations…

While Clyde, Elam and Buzz continued to
wait for the right light, I decided to take
a hike along the edge of the creek. It was
a joy to be all alone in the silence of
nature. I found a quiet comfortable place
to sit and wait until the air boat showed
up to get me. You can see Buzz’s
airboat through the Spanish moss.

Elam filming as we leave Reedy Creek

Elam continues filming along the edge
of Lake Hatchineha

Crossing the lake as the day comes to an end…

At the end of the day we ended up back at
Camp Mack where we said a fond farewell
to Buzz and thanked him again, for another
wonderful trip out into the environment
he loves so much.

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