Blue Cypress Lake

Blue Cypress Lake 5

Clyde, Maggie, Tyke, Richard, Buzz and
the Howells
While returning to the Lake Kissimmee
area, we joined the friends we made
while on our trip here last year. It was
good to see everyone again!
This year on our trip we decided to
check out an area everyone has told
us about…Blue Cypress Lake.
So many folks have told us of its
beauty that we decided we needed
to see it for ourselves. YES! It is
beautiful with many many photographic
opportunities. Can’t wait to go back!

Getting the boat ready to launch
into Blue Cypress Lake

Heading out onto the lake

Checking out photogenic
cypress trees

When we came across a possible
scene we’d check the bottom to
see how deep it is. What we discovered
was that the depth wasn’t too much
of a problem, but getting in and
out of the boat would be. Clyde
decided he would buy a ladder and
we’d return the next day early before
the wind came up.

Making our way around the edge of
the lake looking for THE cypress
tree for Clyde to photograph

Expected a down pour, but only
got a few sprinkles

Driving home, the rain finally caught up with us
with hopes for good light
and NO wind

Up at the crack of dawn and heading
to the lake

Heading out onto the lake

Sunrise on the lake

Clyde knew the angle of view he wanted
and then had to find a solid, level area
of the lake bottom to set up the ladder…
and he had to do it quickly before he
lost the light. A few anxious moments
involved in that endeavor!

Clyde using the ladder to get
out of the boat.

Clyde finally getting THE shot!

Heading home across the lake
On the way we passed so many weird and
uniquely shaped cypress…amazing. Below are
just a few:

The beauty of the cypress surrounding
the lake creates endless possibilities
for photography…

On the way back to the boat launch area…
The end of another beautiful day!

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