Catellow Hammock – Niki, Sandra & Katy

Sandra, Katy & Niki
Sandra Friend is an expert on great places to
visit in Florida. Check out her website
for anything…or anywhere…you would like
to go in Florida. I’m lucky to have her
as a friend! ….and so we met Katy here
for a fun day of photography.

Me as a butterfly!
I wonder what it would be like to loosen
the bonds of earth and fly away….

Katy and me photographing butterflies

Front view of butterfly

So many butterflies and so little time…

Heading into the trail

Sandra filming tree snail as
it slowly makes its way down
the trail

Katy photographing tree snail
making its way along the path

Beautiful tree snail

Sandra headed down the trail

Katy and me photographing

Top of spider

Belly of the spider…such pretty designs!

I sat and watched the rainbows form on
this spider web as the breezed drifted
through it…beautiful…

Sandra along trail

Interesting mushroom

Katy & Sandra photographing

The end of a wonderful day with friends

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