Annenberg Space for Photography – Filming the Darkroom

The day spent with THE CREW while
filming in the darkroom was filled
with wonder and mystery. It was
amazing how they managed to light
everything…use the correct camera
angles…etc…all to create the effect of
the real thing…magic!

Clyde talking about the darkroom
with Steven Kochones, Executive Producer
of ArcLight Productions.

Karlo David checking camera
as Al Cresspo looks on

Jodi Welch applying make up

setting up the lighting

getting the darkroom ready
for the shoot

Karlo checking camera

Cannon 5D camera aimed at enlargers

Clyde with Cannon 5D in foreground

Making decisions on the
enlarger scene

Make up touch up

Clyde getting negative
ready for enlarger

Clyde printing

Marking the take

Clyde developing print

setting up lights for second location shot
in developing room

The end of a most interesting day!
It was amazing to be able to sit back and
watch all the action..the filming in the
darkroom and the filming in the swamp
were wonderfully educational to me about
the behind the scenes of making films. It is
truly a team effort and both sets of “crew”
were filled with great folks who understood
how to work as a team, which made for
a wonderful experience. THANKS!

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