Printing in the Darkroom

Clyde and his darkroom assistant,
Neal Obendorf, at final wash tank
studying photo to see if it is a good
enough print to print a second one.
Upon a rainy day, Clyde and I spent some time
playing on the web and came up with an amazing
amount of stuff on Clyde…really, we were
astonished at how much! However, some of the
facts were misleading, so I thought I should
correct a few things.
It has been said that Clyde doesn’t do his own
printing, nor does he sign his own name on his
Clyde does his own printing. Our son-in-law,
Neal Obendorf, is his assistant. Clyde prints
on Ilford Multigrade paper, uses Kodak
T-Max developer, stop, fix and selenium toner.
Each fiber base original silver gelatin photograph
is hand signed and numbered by Clyde.
Clyde also scans his negatives and prints
them using a computer. Those are his Open
Edition Photographs and are not signed by him.

Clyde matching test print for a larger image against
a small photo of same image…trying to get them
to look somewhat alike…

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