Hands Across the Sand

For years Clyde and I have been against
oil drilling off the coast of Florida.
Unfortunately, with the explosion of the
oil rig, we are now seeing the full
affect of why drilling off shore
is a bad idea.
Our country managed to go to the moon.
We currently have an amazing amount of
technology available to dramatically change
our energy resources, and yet we fail to
do it.
As a Chinese Proverb says: If you don’t change
direction, you may end up where you’re heading…
We are heading in the wrong direction. It is time
for us to join together and head
in a clean and healthy direction.

This is an image that I never want to
see on the beach of Venice!
This is a dead sea turtle caught in oil

Singer Robert Jullian came to entertain
us with songs like “This land is your land…”

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It was a beautiful day at the beach. Clear
blue sky and turquoise waters
Let’s keep it that way! Say NO to drilling
off shore of Florida

The end of an inspiring day

Keep our water blue, our beaches white and
our environment clean…

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