Weather Channel Films Clyde

The Weather Channel was in town doing
some filming in Miami and decided to
do a segment on Clyde for the
program they are putting together.
We don’t know when the program will
air, but we will announce it
as soon as we know.

I’m sorry I don’t know the name of
the Weather Channel photographer
who sent us these photos. If someone
out there knows, please let me know
because these are some
wonderful images of Clyde &
he deserves recognition!

They began in the gallery and then
headed out doors and eventually
Clyde got them out into the swamp.

Brief interview in the front yard

The film crew headed out into
the swamp…their first time in
the swamps of Florida. It’s always
fun for Clyde to share in a “first
time in the swamp” experience
with film crews.

My favorite photo of Clyde…
In this photo Clyde looks
like he is really enjoying his
self…and most of the time
he really is!

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