Washington DC

Senator LeMieux invited Clyde to testify at
the Commerce Committee meeting on ideas
of how to increase tourism in our unknown
National Parks. We have never done anything
like this, so it was VERY interesting and
a lot of fun to be included in our

On our way to Washington DC

We stayed at the Henley Hotel. It was
very nicely located near everything and
also had a great restaurant with VERY
good food.

Ahhhh…how sweet…Clyde brought
me breakfast in bed!

Clyde in front of the Capitol
It is hard to covey the thrill and
pride that filled me when we came
up to the Capitol building. DC is
just as amazing and
diverse as our

That person standing at the bottom
of the steps is Clyde…sort of gives
you an idea of how big the Capitol
actually is!

Walking up to the Russell
Senate Building for the
Commerce Committee Meeting

Ceiling in the lobby of the
Senate Building

Beautiful stairs


Hallway of the Senate
Imagine all the things that go on
behind those doors!

Meet & greet Senator LeMieux and others

Clyde and Ken Burns. Ken used some
of Clyde’s images in his latest project
The National Parks: America’s Best
Idea. Ken joined the panel.

Everyone is getting ready for questions
from the Senators. There were some good
ideas. I hope all of us helped with ideas that
seemed logical and that the government
is able to use.

Leaving Washington DC

Admiring all of the Dogwood in bloom
as we leave Washington DC. Feels good
to see nature instead of buildings…

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