Acres Land Trust – Photo Excursion

Ross Run
While we were in Indiana at the
Honeywell Art Center exhibit
of Clyde’s photography, we met
Jason Kissel, Executive Director
of ACRES Land Trust.
The ACRES Land Trust was formed
in 1960 to preserve land in its
natural state. In their words: “In
our most aware sensitive moments,
we may be fortunate enough to be
moved by the spiritual values we find
in them (the land). Land and its life
have made our lives on earth possible.”
Jason invited us to photograph some of
the preserves within their Trust. We had
very little time, so in hopes of doing more
than one location, we began the next day
by visiting Hathaway Preserve at Ross Run.

Clyde heading down the path
for an afternoon excursion.
Normally, he takes his camera
with him, but it was windy and
he wouldn’t be able to photograph,
so this was just a walk to see
what the possibilities were.

Everywhere I turned mother nature
was announcing the coming spring
with bouquets of wildflowers.

Dogwood bloom laying on the ground

Clyde and I came to the conclusion that
some of the best photo opportunities
were down in Ross Run looking
down the creek. However, that would
mean a hike in the water in order
to reach those spots. That wouldn’t
be so bad if it was a hot summer
day, but that COLD water on a
cold day isn’t something we were
going to do. (I know, you northerners
are calling us chicken…but hey, we’re
Floridians. We need warmth!)
These two images (above and below)
were as close to the creek as we
could get. The majority
of the creek required a climb down
into it. The banks were filled with
wonderful geologic texture and
would have made for interesting
photography…perhaps some
warm summer day…
If any of you live in the area, check it out
and send us some photos. We’d love
to see them!

Looking down into Ross Run

A very strange plant with “thingys
growing out of the leaves…mmmm

The spring forest was so filled
with fresh new green it seemed
that the sunlight was also in
shades of green…the feeling
of new life was invigorating.

We enjoyed a wonderful afternoon
walk through a beautiful part of
Indiana. I’m so thankful that in the
midst of all this farmland the community
has chosen to save portions of nature
for us to enjoy.
Clyde found an image that he though
might have potential, so we decided
to return the next day.
Then next morning we woke up bright
and early to a gray sky with threatening
rain…perfect for photography IF there
is no wind. However, by the time we
got to Hathaway Preserve at Ross Run
a slight breeze had come up.
With the absence of light (because of the
heavy overcast), Clyde would have long
exposures. Nothing can move…a
challenge when there is a breeze!

Hiking into Hathaway Preserve
at Ross Run

Even though we got here early
in the morning, the wind had
already begun. We waited
a long time for brief moments
of stillness in order to take
the photo. It took Clyde about
an hour to take 8 photos of the
same image…hoping that at least
one of them came out without
any movement!

While I was waiting for Clyde to
take the photo, I took a short
hike and came across this
beautiful little wild flower.
It was a joy to be out
in nature and take pleasure
in the beauty of this great
place we call home…earth.
We had hoped to photograph some
different areas of the ACRES Land
Trust, but for the following three
days the wind howled making
large format photography impossible.
We had to leave for Clyde’s next opening
in Ohio, so regretfully, we left this
wonderful bunch of people and beautiful
area of Indiana.

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