Orlando Museum of Art

Big Cypress Swamp:
The Western Everglades

March 20 – July 26

Orlando Museum of Art

Clyde with the Executive Director of
Orlando Museum of Art, Marena
Grant-Morrisey, and Elam Stoltzfus

The museum did such a wonderful
job of hanging the art that I asked
if I could come in before the exhibit
opened and photograph it. They said
yes. I was having so much fun with it
that Elam started taking photos of
Clyde and I taking photos…so
naturally, I had to take a photo of
him taking photos!

Clyde looking over my shoulder
while I photograph the exhibit

Clyde just couldn’t stand it…he
HAD to take a picture of the
exhibit even if it was using a
small camera! Here I am pointing
out the size of the camera…HA!

Clyde with entry panel

Clyde in main room

Clyde with Elam Stoltzfus
They have worked together
on various environmental
projects about Florida for
many years. This project
on Big Cypress was Clyde’s favorite.

As the exhibit opened, the people
started to come and enjoy
the images

Clyde and Elam gave a talk
and then Elam showed his film:
Big Cypress Swamp –
The Western Everglades

Clyde & Elam at the signing table

Clyde and Elam signing

…and signing…

…and signing….
We thoroughly enjoyed the Earth Day
event at the Orlando Museum. The
exhibit was a great success and the folks
who run the museum were wonderful!
Thanks for doing such a great job!

On our way…

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