Weather Channel Films Clyde

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The Weather Channel was in town doing some filming in Miami and decided to do a segment on Clyde for the program they are putting together. We don’t know when the program will air, but we will announce it as soon as we know. I’m sorry I don’t know the name of the Weather Channel photographer who sent us these… Read More

Aborigine’s Attack Big Cypress Gallery!

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ABORIGINE’S ATTACK Big Cypress Gallery!!! Well…not quite, but it does make for good headlines! A group of college students from Canada asked if they could use our property to film a project for their final exam. We said, “Sure”…and when we saw the “Aborigine’s” and the “Great White Hunter” in their film we couldn’t resist taking this photo! Diane, Jackie,… Read More

Washington DC

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Senator LeMieux invited Clyde to testify at the Commerce Committee meeting on ideas of how to increase tourism in our unknown National Parks. We have never done anything like this, so it was VERY interesting and a lot of fun to be included in our democracy! On our way to Washington DC We stayed at the Henley Hotel. It was… Read More

Orlando Museum of Art

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Big Cypress Swamp: The Western Everglades March 20 – July 26 Orlando Museum of Art Clyde with the Executive Director of Orlando Museum of Art, Marena Grant-Morrisey, and Elam Stoltzfus The museum did such a wonderful job of hanging the art that I asked if I could come in before the exhibit opened and photograph it. They said yes. I… Read More

Solar Panels

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We have had solar panels installed in our home by SureTemp. They did a great job and immediately responded when we had questions. We purchased 4000 watts of solar panels, and a solar hot water heater system. The electricity it generates does NOT go into a battery. It goes into the grid, so Lee County Co Op Electric put in… Read More

2011 Calendar

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It’s hard to believe another year is rolling around, and it’s time for us to print our 2011 Calendar! Clyde checking out one of the calendar sheets at the printer To order check out Clyde’s website: $20.00 + shipping or call Venice Gallery (941) 486-0811