Kirby Storter – the removal of Water Hyacinth

Pulling the Water Hyacinth out
of the pond and putting it into
plastic bags.

Lifting the bag out of the kayak
and onto the boardwalk

Dumping the Water Hyacinth out of
the plastic bags so the bags can be
used again. It also allows the water
in the Water Hyacinth to drain through
the board walk before the next step.

The Water Hyacinth is put into large
paper bags donated by ACE hardware
then set aside to dry out
and then burned.

Water Hyacinth and root system

The beauty of small things in nature…
the root system…so delicate.
Even though this is an aggressive non-native
species, it’s beauty is still wonderful! If only
it could control itself…mmm…perhaps it
is a lot like us humans. We’re beautiful, but
we have a tendency to be aggressively
invasive to nature….

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