Fakahatchee Party in the swamp!

Friends of Fakahatchee have decided to have an
event in Fakahatchee Strand Preserve State Park
every year to help folks to understand the
environment in this beautiful place.
This year was the first year.
Unfortunately, the weather was very
cool, with occasional rain. However,
the turn-out was wonderful! Just goes
to show how many folks love Fakahatchee
and want to know more about it!
There were canoes, swamp walks,
swamp buggy rides, tram tours followed
by a dinner. It was a cool day with warm
hospitality. Lots of fun…can’t wait until
next years event!

Friends of Fakahatchee booth

The tram ride into Fakahatchee
began as a pleasant trip…then it
began to rain, rain and rain. We
all covered up as best we could
and huddled together until it stopped.

As the rain came down we were
passed by the swamp buggy filled
with brave folks wanting to see the
wild country of Fakahatchee


The fog started to roll in. Before
I could get a good set of photos
this lake was gone in the mist
of fog…

Cindy Hackney carries her guitar wherever
she goes. As we all sat around the fire
enjoying each others company, she gave
us a spontaneous concert of some of her
favorite songs…it was great!

As we left Fakahatchee the sun was setting
as the fog began to lift. A beautiful end to
a day filled with great folks enjoying the
outdoors. I can’t wait until next years event!

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