Rookery Bay Photo Contest

Left to Right
Elaine Hamilton – Executive Director of
United Arts Council of Collier County
Clyde, Andy Browne – Program Manger
for United Arts Council, and Bruce
Robertson – President of Friends of
Rookery Bay.
Every year Rookery Bay Aquatic Preserve and
the United Arts Council of Collier County
hold a photographic competition. The images
this year were great…which made it very
difficult for me to judge.
The contest for next year will be announce
in the fall of 2010…keep an eye out for it!

Marc Damon receiving 1st Place Award

Cheryl McClure receiving 2nd Place Award

Clyde with winners (L-R):
2nd Place – Cheryl McCLure
1st Place – Marc Damon
3rd Place – Jim Freeman (couldn’t make it)

We always have fun whenever we’re with
a group of people who love to photograph
and also love the environment! A great

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