Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge Celebrates the Everglades

Clyde pointing to where the
Loxahatchee National Wildlife
Refuge is located and explaining
why it is such an important
location for the health of the
Everglades ecosystem
Every year around this time the Loxahatchee
National Wildlife Refuge has a wonderful event
to celebrate the Everglades. They have speakers,
exhibits, entertainment, environmental
education trips and much more. It’s a great
event where you can learn a lot about the
Everglades and it’s ecosystem, as well as have
fun with the family. We were happy to be
a part of the event this year.

Clyde with (L-R)
Richard Horowitz – Friends of Loxahatche NWR,
Serena Rinker – Interpretive Specialist, Sylvia
Pelizza – Manager of Loxhatchee NWR

The Refuge was giving tours into their
research area to explain what kind of
projects they are working on that will
help clean the Everglades, and make
the water flow more natural. It was
a wonderful experience to be able to
talk to the scientist who are working
on the project!

Explaining the research projects that are
going on in the Living Laboratory
section of the Refuge

Looking toward the research area…
different ponds for different research

Clyde and Kenn Kaufman, Birding Guide Author,
were invited to be the speakers at the event.

Serena Rinker, Interpretive Specialist, dashing
about on her “go-machine”

There were so many people waiting to hear
Clyde speak that we thought they were
waiting for something else! So, we stood
back thinking there was an animal show
going on or something…nope, they were
waiting for Clyde! Amazing!

Photo taken by Warren Resen

Clyde signing books

Photo by George Quiroga of Clyde signing a book

another wonderful image of Clyde
taken by George Quiroga
at the event
Once again we found our lives surrounded
by positive people who care about Florida’s
environment. It is such a good feeling
to hear about all of the great things
that are being done to save the Everglades.
Keep up the good work Loxahatchee Refuge!

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