James Hill Library Opening – St. Paul Minnesota

We arrived in St. Paul to a O degree
temperature and the Winter Carnival.
We took a short, cold, cold walk through
the park to see the ice sculptures and
what should we see but an ice sculpture
of a ‘gator! …an appropriate welcome…
a frozen ‘gator to go with a couple of
frozen Floridians!

For all of you who wondered whether he’d
wear his Birkenstocks in the snow…he actually
put on ‘REAL’ shoes and socks!

We had a wonderful lunch at the
VERY GOOD restaurant in the
St Paul Hotel where we were staying.
Enjoyed meeting the folks who are
responsible for putting together
the exhibit: (left to right)
Peter Gilbertson, Chairman JJH
Peter Pearson, Executive Director of
Friends of St Paul Public Library
Mayor Tom Swain, Board Member of Friends
Alayne Hopkins, Programing Coordinator for Friends
Paul Hirschboeck, Board Member of Friends
Amy Noble Seitz, Founder Exhibits Development Group

Clyde at entry of the library

Interior of Library
The interior is grand beyond imagination…
Roman pillars stretching to the ceiling,
creating a clear-story which makes for a
dynamic feeling…a feeling of timelessness.
That feeling combined with three levels
of books that seem to go on forever…well,
I was just overwhelmed walking into
the building. AND then, when they
added Clyde’s photography I was pretty
much in tears with the emotion of it all…
my love of books, history and Clyde’s
photography all in one dynamic place!
Sorry for the warped view of the building,
but it is so big that I had to tilt the camera
to get most of it in, which caused major

Bust of James Hill
James Hill was a railroad Baron who
visualized the need for a library in his
home town of St. Paul. On hundred years
ago he built two monumental structures
next to each other…one was a public library
the other was a private library for
business reference.

Portrait of James Hill over the fireplace

Clyde going over details before the evening opening

Clyde being interviewed for TV

On our way back to the hotel to rest
before the evening event, we walked
through the park and enjoyed some
of the ice sculptures…until we were
too cold and then headed for the
warmth of our hotel.

We didn’t walk around the park for very
long…evening was coming on and the
temperature was rapidly dropping…

In the lobby of the hotel we ran into the
dignitaries from the Winter Carnival…
they were having so much fun I couldn’t
resist getting a photo of them with Clyde!

The evening event began with wonderful
guitar music as background…

Clyde giving a power point lecture
about his adventures during his
photographic trip

Clyde signing books

We had a wonderful time and it was over too soon.
Wish we could have stayed longer to enjoy St. Paul…
a wonderful community. But, we said good-bye to
Minnesota where “the men are strong, the women
are beautiful, and all the children are above average,”
with the hope that we’d return again and stay a
little longer next time.

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