Exhibit: von Liebig Art Center Naples

Clyde in front of von Liebig Art Center
The von Liebig Art Center made the generous
offer to create a benefit to help earn money
for the interior displays at the new Big
Cypress Swamp Welcome Center.
Clyde exhibited his work on the Big Cypress Swamp
and many of his America The Beautiful images.
Elam Stolzfus previewed his film:
The Big Cypress Swamp: The Western Everglades
Before the film Clyde and Elam gave a power point
on the creation of the film. The story generated many
questions from the audience. After the lecture,
the film was shown to a very appreciative audience.

Clyde, Elam and Executive Director Joel Kessler

Clyde, Jack O’Brien – Curator, and Elam Stoltzfus

Artist, Leroy Osceola and his family
joined us at the event

Leroy Osceola is our neighbor. He
lives about ten miles east of us in
the Big Cypress National Preserve.
Soon he’ll be opening his gallery.
It’s nice to have another artist in
our community.

Don Finefrock from South Florida National
Park Trust joined in the effort. His organization
has contributed a lot of help and money to
get the Welcome Center at Big Cypress

The film
Big Cypress Swamp: The Western Everglades
was shown to a large audience. Afterwards,
Clyde and Elam had a question & answer
session…always entertaining!

Clyde and Elam signing
The evening was a wonderful success and
getting Elam and Clyde together for a talk
is always informative and entertaining.

The following night von Liebig had a
second benefit to support both the
Welcome Center in Big Cypress and
the von Liebig Art Center.

As is always the case with the von Liebig, they are
warm and generous when it comes to causes
they believe in. The generosity of the people of
Naples in helping to fund both the
Big Cypress Swamp Welcome Center and to support
their own von Liebig Art Center was wonderful.
We enjoyed two wonderful events!

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