Another Great Day in the Swamp

Clyde leading
Superintendent of Big Cypress National Preserve,
Pedro Ramos and Jill Willson of
Big Cypress National Preserve,
along with Eric & Linda Buermann,
Chairman of the Board for SFWMD joined
us on a swamp walk.
If it had been any colder, I think we could have
ice skated across the swamp! That water was
the coldest I have ever felt…it was like dipping
our toes into ice water. You really have to
love the swamp to endure two hours of ice cold
feet while tromping through the swamp!
It was a great afternoon…and they did love the
swamp. It’s always a positive experience to be
around Pedro. He is a very inspiring person.
Meeting Eric and Linda added a new depth to
our lives. It’s good to know that there are folks
at that level in SFWMD who really care about
the environment of our state.

Climbing Astor

Jill explaining periphyton

Jill discussing the environment
with Eric and Clyde

Clyde pointing out the Whisk Fern
up in the tree. The Whisk Fern is
one of the oldest ferns
on the planet

Jill and Linda checking out the
Latin name…I don’t have that book,
so someone will have to give it
to me after they’ve read this blog…

Lichen is amazing…and it comes
in so many different colors and shapes

This feather was dangling under
this tree when we did our New Years
Day swamp walk. I was surprised
that it was still hanging there, just

Clyde pointing to a Cypress “pine cone”

Heading deeper into the swamp

Clyde with:
Jill Willson
Big Cypress National Preserve
Pedro Ramos
Superintendent Big Cypress National Preserve
Linda and Eric Buermann
Chairman of the Board
So. FL. Water Management

An opportunity for a
second group photo!

Clyde discussing the environment
with Eric and Linda

Heading into the swamp deeper and…



and deeper into the swamp

People have the belief that the water
in the swamp is murky. In this image
you can see the grass beneath the
water. The water flowing through the
Everglades is very clear.

A moment of reflection for Pedro

Jill and Pedro admiring the orchid called
Scented Ladies Tresses

Eric and Linda checking out the orchid

Clyde and Eric having another discussion

…and so, we headed out of the swamp….
It was a great day spent with people who not
only love the swamps of Florida, but are doing
things to preserve the beauty here in our state.
A very inspirational day.

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