Workshop Disney Wilderness Preserve

Kodak, Disney and the Disney Wilderness Preserve
joined together in a photo competition with the
winners getting a free trip to the Animal Kingdom
and all kinds of of tips from various expert
photographers. Clyde was invited to be a part of
that experience. His workshop took place early
one morning at the Disney Wilderness Preserve.

Disney provided us with a hotel in the
Animal Kingdom. Like everything that
Disney does, this hotel was amazing…
actually, it was more than amazing!
This photo is of the entry into the hotel.
Disney thought of every detail, and in
doing that they created a piece of art…
and a piece of architecture that exudes

Everywhere we turned in the lobby there
was the most wonderful detail…

The lobby was filled with wonderful
displays of African art. This is a
ceremonial hat that weighs around
one hundred pounds!

Our room at the hotel in the Animal Kingdom
came with the most incredible view!

Waking up in the morning to Zebra’s
and Giraffe’s wondering around
outside of the window of our hotel room
was truly an incredible experience.
I felt like I really was in Africa!

As always, we had a great time at Disney,
which ended with a beautiful sunset on
our drive home…

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