New Year Swamp Walk 2010

Norm, Clyde, Warren, Phyllis, Terry, Jeanne
Greg, Donna, Don, Diane
Sandra and Jeff
Every New Years Day we try to start the year off
right by having a swamp walk with a few
friends. This year it was a very cold
walk, but as we became aware of the
beauty we forgot the cold.

Heading into the swamp


Jeanne and Diane checking out a flower

Jeff explaining that the Whisk Fern
is one of the oldest ferns on the earth

Terry explaining the Whisk Fern to
Don and Donna

Enjoying the swamp

Clyde talking about the ecosystem

Jeff explaining dwarf cypress

Don and Diane amazed at Bladder wort
as Sandra photograph them

Hiking along the edge of
the cypress strand


Sandra photographing the orchid
that Jeff is pointing out

…and the swamp gets wetter…

Clyde admiring the Night Scented Orchid

Jeff, Clyde and Terry discussing the orchid

Donna exclaiming amazement over the
Night Scented Orchid

And…exactly what is a cypress knee
all about anyway? Does anyone know?

Clyde involved in a discussion
about the environment he loves
so much

Jeff passing by the Cigar Orchid

Terry making his way past
a Cigar Orchid (some folks
call it a Cow-Horn orchid)

Heading out further into the swamp

Fern with a touch of fall color
along its edges

Warren and Jeanne deep in the swamp

Making our way further into the deeper
part of the swamp

Phyllis leading the group with Sandra
spreading her arms in the joy of being
in the swamp.

Niki ducking under a bush

Clyde ducking under a branch

Heading deeper into the swamp…

…and deeper into the swamp…

…and deeper into the swamp…

Sandra photographing the
Dingy-Flowered Star orchid

Out of the deep swamp into the
saw grass…heading back home…

Heading back toward the house…

We spent the remainder of the day
indulging in food and great conversation.

…and so, we wish you a Happy New Year and hope
yours began with the beauty of nature…

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