South Florida Museum Exhibit – ForEverglades: Clyde Butcher and Jeff Ripple

South Florida Museum – Bradenton
October 29 – January 17
(941) 746-4131
Clyde has known Jeff since the early 1990’s. He has
enjoyed watching Jeff grow into an accomplished
photographer. This joint exhibit of both Clyde
and Jeff’s photography covers their individual
photographic exploration of the Everglades.

Clyde peaking from behind exhibit sign

Clyde, Brynne Anne Besio – Director, and Jeff

Clyde and Jeff in entry



Clyde signing books



Clyde and Jeff giving a lecture to
a full house!

Clyde signing books after the lecture

After their lecture, Clyde and Jeff signed
more books and the back of images
The exhibit was wonderful. A great turn out, lots
of great folks and a very interesting museum. If
you’re looking for an interesting afternoon, check
out the South Florida Museum down on the
waterfront in Bradenton.

One thought on “South Florida Museum Exhibit – ForEverglades: Clyde Butcher and Jeff Ripple

  1. As a native of Bradenton, Florida it was a pleasure to attend the slide show given by Clyde & Jeff, and to learn of how they are educating the public through their beautiful artistic expressions of our native landscapes. Every once in a while, something outstanding comes across our local scene in this regard, and this event was no exception. The best part is that we can take what we've learned and do something to work to help our local natural environment thrive. Thank you for the opportunity!

    Beverly Hill, Bradenton resident

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