Big Cypress Gallery – Swamp Walk & Open House

At Big Cypress Gallery, every year on Labor Day in
September and Presidents Weekend in Feb, we
open up, to the public, the thirteen acres of property
where Big Cypress Gallery and our house is located.

We offer swamp walks (reservations required) and
share our love of the swamp with those folks who are
curious and would like to see it for themselves.
It is a great experience to talk with people who, when
they return from the walk, are filled with wonder and
peace from being in the swamp.

The weekend was wonderful…

Clyde, Niki and Robbie

The weekend started with a birthday
celebration for Clyde with all of our
employees and volunteers. A fun
way to start a great weekend!

Jackie asked the bakery to make a cake
that looked like a swamp…I think they
did a good job!

When Jackie cut into the cake, Bob exclaimed, “Look,
the Core of Engineers is ‘reclaiming’ the swamp!”

Dinner for all the volunteers…and a few friends…

The next day whole gallery sang Happy Birthday to Clyde!

Jan Wilson gave us a gift of her talent. She
creates floral arrangements from native
species. It was a wonderful and loving
gift.The arrangement added a wonderful
splash of color and love to the gallery.
Thank you Jan!

Flowers on front counter
(photo taken after event was over)

Busy at the sales counter

Kayla, our grand daughter, was one of twenty-five high
school students in Sarasota County to be chosen for the
People to People Ambassador Program. She traveled to
Europe again this summer. (This time without
her mom and granma along!) She returned with
some great photographs. Her display consisted of
the images she took while in Europe.

It was wonderful to spend a weekend with her in
the gallery and watch as she interacted with her
customers. She sold her art and we’re pleased
with that, but the best thing is sharing the experience
with her. Kayla’s spirit adds so much to the gallery.

Robbie our nine year old grandson, displayed his
first efforts at photography. He was very pleased
that he also sold his art…a very good start!

Having Robbie and his art in the gallery added a
wonderful level of energy to the gallery. It was
great fun to share the experience with him and
watch him interact with his customers.

I gave a demonstration on the art of hand painting

a black and white photograph

Robbie and Niki

Kayla trying her hand at painting a black and white
photograph while Merry, Robbie and visitor look on

Nicholas Petrucci painted a full size image of
Clyde and presented it to the public several
months ago. It is currently being shown in
our Big Cypress Gallery. Nicholas joined us
for a day out in the swamp…it was was great
having him with us!

Nicolas and Clyde

The painting of Clyde by Nicholas Petrucci

Clyde signing books

Everyone gathered in the tent where they waited
for their leader to take them out into the swamp

Bob explaining the ecosystem of Big Cypress Swamp

Heading into the swamp

I have no idea what they’re pointing too?!
Perhaps a bird?

Bringing them up the RIGHT way!

Rick Cruz leading a swamp walk

Curious about something?!

Bob with one of the kids that was absolutely
thrilled to be in the swamp!

There was a very LARGE water spider that
everyone had to stop and take a photo

The weekend was great…lots of fresh air, beautiful environment,
and great, caring people. This was the best swamp walk weekend
I think we’ve ever had!
I hope you’re able to join us during Presidents Weekend in Feb.
or next year during Labor Day.

Hope to see you out in the swamp!

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