Rick’s Photo Safari

The Photo Safari group with Rick in a discussion about photography

Rick Cruz is an employee in our gallery and also has his
photography in our gallery. For more information about Rick
and his work you can check out his website at:

We had asked Rick if he would like to give a photo walk around the
property and help folks to enjoy the scenery photographically. He
said he’d love to do it and so we offered a Photo Safari to
our customers…however, the environment dried up early
this year. In fact, this is the driest year on record and so our
yard was nice, but not as beautiful as it is when it has water in it.

Rick was concerned that folks would have a rough time finding
things to photograph, but he need not have worried. Where there
is a photographer there is a photograph to be had!

Rick setting up his view camera so everyone can check it out

Rick sharing the use of his view camera with everyone

Rick pointing out some possible photographic opportunities.

After exploring the front of the property, Rick and the group headed to the
back for a picnic lunch and to photograph the wilderness found there.

They had only been gone for a short while when Rick came bursting into
the gallery to grab his video camera and yelling, “The Pa Gator is
heading down the road!” I grabbed my camera, as did every tourist
who was in the gallery, and we all ran down the road to the
back to have this opportunity to see a
gator walking down the road.

…and there he was making his way down the
road to the front of the property

This is the dry time of the year. The pond by our house
where he lives with his mate is getting too small for both
him, his mate and the baby gators. She is very protective
of her young and since food and water is scarce she probably
kicked him out in order to more easily protect the babies.

The Photo Safari Group getting their share of images

It’s a long walk from the back pond to the front. He stopped
along the way many times for a rest.
Making his way down the road toward the front of the property

Those are some nice hefty teeth he’s got there!

It was kind of nice that our gate was open so he could easily
travel down the road!

As he heads out into the swamp at the front of the gallery
tourists get their share of photographs too!

It was a long walk and I’m sure once he got into his normal
habitat he felt much safer…even with a smile on his face…

After this event Rick felt like everyone got their money’s worth!

The day ended with a visit in the gallery with Clyde.

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