Ma Gator playing with her babies

I was sitting at our porch window photographing the birds that were
accumulating around our pond. The pond is drying up, so the fish are
easy to get at…which means a lot of birds to photograph! All of a sudden
the Ma Gator came up out of the water with a baby gator in her mouth!
I thought she was eating her babies! But then a very strange and unusual
thing happened. She didn’t eat them, she played with them! She would
grab hold of one or two babies and bobb her head up and down under
the water giving the babies a fun ride. It was an amazing thing to see,
and wondrous that a mother gator would find some kind of joy in
pleasing her young…who would have ever thought?

If you look closely at Ma Gators jaw you’ll see a baby gator trying to
climb up for another ride. It is as though the baby is saying,
Let’s do it again!”

The fun is over and it’s time to rest…

2 thoughts on “Ma Gator playing with her babies

  1. Niki- Thanks for all of these wonderful posts. It looks like you guys are having a lot of fun! Nice to see Mr. Big again:) He didn’t make a pit spot on the porch this time? Ha!

    Thinking of you-

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