Gator Hook with Eric, Katy & Deedra

Katy, Deedra and me at the head of Gator Hook trail

heading down the trail

Oakleaf Fleabane

When most folks think of Florida they don’t think
of a state with wildflowers. Mostly they think of
swamps and ‘gators! But we have wonderful
flowers. They don’t grow in wild profusion like
they do in the spring up in the mountains, but here they
are spread about gently like a refreshing spice
in the landscape.

burnt cypress knee with flowers

bromeliad in bloom

out into the open prairie

making our way down Gator Hook trail

The ground was covered with a blooming ground orchid.
I can’t find it in my book, so I’m not sure what the name
of the plant is.

Ground orchid…how I wish I had a close-up
lens to show you the beauty of each flower

Flowers EVERYWHERE! I had a hard time
getting down the path because everywhere
I turned I saw another flower to photograph!

Starrush Whitetop

dry periphyton

Periphyton is like a sponge. This may look
dry, but it holds water so that small
plants, animals, eggs etc can survive
the dry season in Florida

After enjoying myself photographing wildflowers I have decided
I need to get a close-up lens to have REAL fun!

Prairie Milkweed

Heading into the dome…

Katy overwhelmed by the peace and beauty in the cypress dome

We all found the interior of the cypress dome to be
a mystical place. Since the water was low the
structural beauty at the bottom of the cypress
trees were fully exposed. The strong feeling of the
trees touching the soft green growth of the ground
made for a mystical and magical experience.

Seeing the beauty of this place made me anxious to
share it with Clyde!

A VERY large cypress tree

The gang sitting on the base of the tree

A sweet little blue-eyed crawdad

Eric pointing to animal prints in the mud

Katy photographing in the dome

Leaving the dome and heading back

Marsh Fleabane

The path becomes rough…

making our way over the rough patches…

This looks like a Florida Bellflower, but I’m not sure…

…almost to the parking lot…

Longleaf Milkweed

…the end of the day and back to the ‘real’ world…

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