Gator Hook with Eric, Katy & Deedra

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Katy, Deedra and me at the head of Gator Hook trail heading down the trail Oakleaf Fleabane When most folks think of Florida they don’t thinkof a state with wildflowers. Mostly they think ofswamps and ‘gators! But we have wonderfulflowers. They don’t grow in wild profusion likethey do in the spring up in the mountains, but here theyare spread about… Read More

Retrospecitve Film on Clyde

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Elam Stoltzfus, of Live Oak Production Group,has been filming Clyde since 1991…before Clydehad a gray beard…and before Elam had gray hair! Elam and Clyde were talking one day when Elamsuggested that he do a retrospective on Clyde’slife for a PBS program. Elam brought it to theattention of PBS and they have shown interestin the project, so Elam has begun filming… Read More

Key West – Living Waters Exhibit & DVD

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Sammy Tedder – Clyde Butcher – Elam Stoltzfuz In 2004 Clyde joined filmaker Elam Stoltzfus ofLive Oak Production Group & musician, SammyTedder, to create a film to be aired on PBS titledLiving Waters – Aquatic Preserves of Florida. Elam, Sammy and Clyde filmed 13 of the 44 aquaticpreserves in Florida. The film became an award winningfilm. The Florida Department of… Read More

Sweetwater with friends

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It was a beautiful day, so when Eric, Katy and Deedra stoppedby the gallery to say howdy and told me that they were on theirway to spend the day photographing, I jumped at theopportunity to join them. The raw facts of life have been grinding away at my soul. I feelmy gentle senses have become muted & I long to… Read More

Rehanging Big Cypress Gallery

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Spring comes but once a year…and along with it, Spring Cleaning! Once or twice a year we do a major change in thegallery. It is always fun, but usually a bit chaotic too!This year we had Jackie helping with the wallcompositions. She did a great job! The gallerylooks fresh and organized. We began with Norm painting our entry wall gray…the… Read More

Digital Technology Workshop

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Clyde gave a workshop on his photoshop techniques atDigital Technology Centre in Sarasota. We had a great groupof people who love photography and enjoyed the two days of creativity.Each of them left the workshop with a printed photograph. Clyde with Jon, owner of Digital Technology Centre in Sarasota.Jon’s center is a great place to learn EVERYTHING you have everwanted to… Read More

Venice Gallery Darkroom Lecture

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Clyde’s Darkroom Lecture at the Venice Gallery had awonderful turn-out. The lecture took place in the darkroom,so it was fun to be able to share the equipment,how it works, and the ways of creating a good black and whitephoto right where the action really takes place!The discussions and questions abouthis photography covered many different areas. It was a great joy… Read More