Venice Gallery & Studio Open House

Neal Obendorf, Clyde’s darkroom assistant of eight years

Creating the large fiber-base photographs that Clyde is known for requires an unusual darkroom. The difficulties achieving large prints is hard for most people to understand, and so for that reason we open up Clyde’s darkroom to the public once a year at the Venice Gallery & Studio, located south of Sarasota in Venice, Florida.

Elam filming Clyde while Clyde talks about
his photographic philosophy

Neal explaining how “Big Bertha” (enlarger) works.

Neal explaining “dodging” and “burning” techniques

Neal comparing a finished print with an unfinished print

The chemical trays are 4×5 foot. Neal is explaining how the prints are
moved from one tray to the next and into the large wash tanks.

Clyde signing books

Jackie and Teresa at sales desk

The Gallery

Jackie discussing Niki’s work with customers

Sales desk with Miladie and Teresa
It was a great day! We met so many wonderful people,
as well as helped others understand the heart felt work that
goes into creating the final image of Clyde’s photography.

This fun group of Red Hat ladies dropped by for a visit.
I just couldn’t resist taking a group picture in black and white
and then painting only their bright, cheery, colorful clothes!

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