New Years Day 2009

Jeff, Eric & Katy, Clyde & Niki, Debby & Norm

Every year we try to celebrate the new year by starting it off right…with a swamp walk. This year Jeff Ripple, Debby & Norm, and Katy & Eric joined us for an afternoon swamp walk and dinner.
Of course everyone needs to wear the proper shoe attire…Norm is showing off the latest swamp shoe style…taped toes so that the shoes don’t fall apart from the front!

Heading off into the swamp

Norm & Debby

Norm & Debby checking out the periphyton

An environmental discussion


Jeff explaining something to Katy & Eric who are busy
photographing him…an action shot of Jeff!

Making our way through a winter forest

Clyde and Niki

Clyde saw this neat tree and grabbed my camera
then took this shot…

Debby & Jeff admiring a cigar orchid.

Eric & Katy very excited about seeing the cigar orchid!

Following Jeff deeper and deeper into the swamp…
The gang

further into the swamp…

The further we go the more wondrous and mystical the swamp becomes


Katy & Eric

Clyde and group making their way through the depths of the swamp

Debby pointing to the “Rigid Epidural” orchid that Jeff found…
actually that isn’t it’s name. Debby and I just couldn’t
remember the correct name. Debby figured this was as close
as she could get to the actual name and I agreed with her,
so we gave the orchid this nick name!

Clyde explaining the angles of photography for when he returns to take this photo

Another orchid! And this one is surviving very well while it is under water! Amazing…

The sun is getting low and it’s time to start hiking out of the swamp.
The day wasn’t long enough. I could have stayed a lot longer…

Making our way back to the house

The day was great! I don’t think there can be a better way
to start off the New Year than relaxing in nature by walking
through the swamp with friends…
I hope your New Year is filled with the peace
that we found while being embraced by the swamp…

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