Movie Dome Day One

Our plans were to get together with the “gang” and photograph Movie Dome while there was water on the ground. Last winter when Clyde photographed the dome, it was dry. He wanted to try again while it was wet.

The problem, of course, is light. Photographing inside of a dome requires even lighting. We knew if we met everyone at the dome early in the morning we’d get good light, but in the winter the sun seems to rise very very fast. That means there isn’t much time before bright light is hitting the scene and causing too much contrast. So, just in case, we thought we’d arrive a day early. As it turned out, so did Jeff and John! However, we didn’t see them until the following morning.

into the dome…

The interior of the dome was magical with everything surrounded by water! AND…the amazing thing was that as we entered the dome it grew cloudy, which gave us several moments of even lighting for wonderful photographic opportunities!

As the sun began to set, we decided to hike out and call it a day until EARLY the next morning…

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