George DeWolfe

Clyde with George DeWolfe

One of the highlights of our trip to Maine was the visit with George DeWolfe and Lydia Goetz. George is one of those great photographers that has been around as long as Clyde. Photography possesses him in the same way that it does Clyde. When they finally got to meet it was non-stop photo-talk! It is such a thrill to be with another person who loves photography as much as Clyde and I do.

George was a dedicated “traditional” black and white photographer. He believed that the wet darkroom was the only way to achieve the best photograph…until he saw a very good black and white digital print. He was converted to the wonders of the digital age. He now teaches and writes articles on photography. He has published several books that you might enjoy reading:
Digital Photography – Fine Print Workshop
Adobe Master Class – The Digital Fine Art Printing Workshop
Optipox 3: Image Enhancement Tools for Digital Photographers

George is now in the process of publishing another book that should be out sometime next year. If you’d like to see his work or hear about his new book here is his website: www.georgedewolfe.com

And, on a personal note, his girlfriend, Lydia, is also a photographer! Women who love photography are few and far between, so when I discover one I am amazed. When I talk with another female photographer there is a connection that gives me a deeper feeling than talking to a man about photography. I can’t exactly explain it, but it always feels good to be around women photographers. If you’d like to see her work her website is: www.lydiagoetze@roadrunner.com

It was a great afternoon and was wonderful to spend some time with fellow travelers on the path of photography.

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