Exhibit – Bar Harbor Maine

The Friends of Acadia invited Clyde to exhibit his work at the College of the Atlantic in Bar Harbor on Desert Island, Maine, the home of Acadia National Park. The Friends of Acadia have joined together with Clyde to create a small traveling exhibit of National Parks that is available to any Friends groups who would like to exhibit the beauty of our National Parks. If you are interested here is the phone number and website: (207) 288-3340 www.friendsofacadia.org

It is always a joy to be surrounded by people who care about their environment. The Friends of Acadia do such a wonderful job of taking care of the Park. The community is very fortunate to have them in their midst.

The opening took place at the Blum Gallery on the college campus. We had a wonderful turn-out and met so many great people.

We spent several days in Acadia, however I didn’t take many pictures because I was still on a time-lag from Europe. (I had the wonderful opportunity to spend a month in Europe with my daughter, Jackie, and granddaughter and her history class. Had a great time!)

While we were in Acadia National Park we stopped to visit Monty. It is always so good to visit with him! Monty Trainer is on the board of the Coconut Grove Art Festival in Florida and has been involved in the festival for a VERY long time. It is such a great art festival and one of the best in the United States. It’s always such a pleasure to see so much great art in the wonderful atmosphere of Coconut Grove. The festival has a special place in our heart.

Anyway, Monty is a fun person and we’re always amazed at the interesting people who gather around him. We ALWAYS meet fascinating people when we visit. During the summer Monty travels north to Otter Creek where he owns the Otter Creek Inn and Otter Creek Market. The Otter Creek Inn is centrally located inside Acadia National Park and has all the modern conveniences you could want. It’s a great place to stay…and in case you should decide to visit just tell Monty we sent you! Phone: 800-845-5852 or www.ottercreekme.com

Clyde and Monty

Monty’s Chuck Wagon

Otter Creek Market always has freshly prepared Lobster. When we stopped by to say howdy to Monty, he offered to feed us…who could resist!?

Tim Colbertson tying a bib on Clyde in preparation for the messy/delicious Lobster meal

Two very satisfied customers! Yummmmm….that Lobster was great!

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