Turkey Key

While I was away on a trip out west to visit family, Clyde, John Brady, Jeff Ripple and Rick Cruz all got together for a boat trip out to Turkey Key. Rick Cruz was kind enough to take a few pictures of the trip for me…he did a great job, especially considering that he was also trying to take his own photography. As Clyde said, going out on a photo shot with a bunch of large format photographers is a slow and time consuming activity…but a lot of fun!

Early morning…loading up the boat.

Inside the boat and on their way into the Ten Thousand Islands.
L-R Clyde, Rick, Jeff, John

…..and I caught a fish this big…..

Unloading the boat…a major ordeal when there are four large format photographers and all of their equipment on board the boat…with ALL of it needing to get ashore!

Clyde with a full dinghy weighed heavy…so heavy that it hit bottom before it got to shore. Here Clyde is waiting for someone to come help him get it the rest of the way onto the beach.

Jeff helping pull the dinghy across the bottom and onto the beach…

setting up camera for first shot

more photography…

….a good time with good companions made for satisfying day….

Clyde Butcher – clydebutcher.com
John Brady – TimeandLight.com
Rick Cruz – rickcruzphotography.com
Jeff Ripple – jeffripple.com

One thought on “Turkey Key

  1. Nicky,
    I truly admire Clyde’s work, and your journal is a great insite on the making of the photos, that cannot be grasped from the pictures themself. I hope you keep updating your journal, I really enjoy reading it,
    Thank you,

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